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Why Maui


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much like our sister islands within the Hawaiian Island, are full of cultural history, eastern and western influences, and natural beauty. Maui is known for being both culturally active as well as rural, giving this small-town feel an international draw. Due to its location within the Pacific, the Hawaiian Islands for years have been the cultural bridge between the East and West. Over the years, native Hawaiians have witnessed the changing of their landscape and island culture with the addition of communities and cultures coming from places such as (to the east) continental U.S., parts of western Europe, Puerto Rico and South America, as well as (to the west) Japan, Okinawa, China, Korea, the Philippines, and South East Asia. With this diverse "melting-pot", Maui's culture developed into a daily integration and negotiation of cultural ideologies, values, food and festivities. Our idea for our festival is to build upon these bridges already anchored in the history of time, and as a festival, reinforce our connections, diversity and spirit as cultural people. East Meets West Festival invites our world community to Maui to celebrate traditional practices that are essential to the heritage of cultures, yet also speaks to contemporary identity through the movement of the arts.