presented by Jazz Maui & AECG



 2016 EMW Program

The vison of east meets west festival maui...

All started from the foundation of non-profit organization Arts Education for Children Group (AECG), who since 1996 has been dedicated to providing opportunities for artistic and cultural enrichment on the island of Maui, Hawai'i. AECG took off with Jazz Maui, providing an opportunity for local residents, music students, aspiring young musicians, professional musicians, and jazz music aficionados to participate in and/or attend high quality jazz music performance concerts on Maui. With that came an exciting lineup of professional jazz fusion artists, and the concept to bring about the theme, "EAST MEETS WEST, WHERE EASTERN AND WESTERN MUSIC, ART AND CULTURE COLLIDE AND INSPIRE".

2017 brings the first introduction of dance to the festival. For future festivals, our vision is to bring cross-cultural musicians, choreographers, and dancers together to Maui in collaboration and experimentation through choreolabs and workshops, and to showcase created work that speaks to a living culture, inspired by both eastern and western influences.

East Meets West Festival Maui searches to move and think outside of the box on what is really “east” and “west” culturally and logistically by using the vehicles of contemporary and improvisational mediums with traditional and cultural practices to convey the exploration of identity as a contemporary person of our times — negotiating between the traditional, cultural, environmental and global influences.



Hawai'i Tourism Authority, County of Maui Office of Economic Development, Makana Aloha Foundation, WorldWide Music Ventures, Equity One Real Estate, Story of Hawai'i Museum, Zanboo Flutes